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FATbit is a premium digital marketing company delivering growth-oriented services to a worldwide cliente. We create innovative marketing strategies that help our business partners increase their reach and engagement to their target audience. Our digital marketing services include Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing & Online Reputation Management.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every industry, business and audience group is different and that’s why the 'one-strategy-fits-all’ solution to improve internet visibility is a misconception. As part of our comprehensive SEO services, we perform in-depth target audience and competition analysis to optimize your Google Ranking. As an expert digital marketing agency we also help businesses whose websites are penalized by search-engines.

We identify the right keywords that resonate with your audience and publish relevant content that takes you directly to them. Our experts then leverage search engine algorithms to boost your visibility in the search results. To further solidify your brand's search rankings, we continuously track, analyze and optimize your website's performance.

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PPC Marketing Services

When online traffic is hard to come by, Pay Per Click ad campaigns turn out to be the most effective solution. As well as helping you increase your brand awareness, PPC ads also have a positive impact on your search results. But it's also quite easy to waste away your precious money and time with a flawed PPC strategy.

At FATbit, our PPC services experts have run numerous successful AdWords campaigns. We follow a reliable and ROI-driven approach to develop PPC campaigns that optimize your budget and deliver maximum results for your business growth.

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PPC Management Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Businesses that aren't making use of social media to connect with their target audience across different platforms are doing themselves a huge disservice. From increasing brand awareness, growing the audience base to ultimately boosting the bottom line social media marketing has matured into a powerful tool for business growth.

With plenty of social networks around, it's crucial that businesses identify the platforms that give them the best chance of success. At FATbit, we help them achieve that. Our experts deploy a tailored and performance-driven social media marketing strategy to drive qualified leads and sales to our clients' businesses.

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Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Bill Gates once famously said that ‘that content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet.’ But most businesses get their content marketing strategy all wrong to reap any sort of rewards the famous billionaire was referring to. There's no shortage of websites with dull, hackneyed and ineffective content that turns readers away at first glance.

At FATbit, we understand the challenge of crafting persuasive and result-oriented content. From keyword optimized blogs, infographics, presentations and video scripts, our experts have a well-defined strategy for every type of content that drives engagement. Additionally, our team continuously helps clients acquire new audience through guest blogging, publishing press releases, white papers and more.

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Email Marketing Services

Every successful business includes email marketing in its digital marketing strategy. It remains one of the proven methods to increase repeated visitors, higher conversion rates, more referrals, upsells and high lifetime customer value. But it requires a smart email marketing campaign to achieve these results.

At FATbit we are experts of email marketing services. We assist our clients in managing and optimizing monthly newsletters, marketing automation, event reminders, re-marketing, promotional emails, and referral programs. This allows them to build a robust sales process for every single customer. The end result is an increased ROI for all ‘top of funnel’ traffic generating channels.

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Video Marketing

It's no secret now that visual content such as images and videos get the highest number of shares and engagement compared to any other form of media. If your business doesn't include video promotion for its branding, it's definitely missing a trick. But it's never too late for a start.

At FATbit, we have a smooth process to help you achieve visual presence in the online world, enhance brand recognition, attract new customers and increase sales. Our experts have hands-on experience in various video marketing services. Whether you want your videos to build customer rapport, communicate your brand's vision, explain your products or showcase customer testimonials, our team has the expertise to manage everything for you.

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Conversion Optimization

With each passing day, the global market is becoming more dynamic, competition more intense, and clients ever more demanding. Bottom line - traffic is good, but businesses want sales. At FATbit we bring that through our conversion rate optimization services so that your digital marketing efforts & investment produce a good ROI.

We thoroughly analyze the conversion funnel of your website for its UX design, features, functionality, information architecture, content and CTA relevancy and then make the necessary updates. We apply special focus on the security and flexibility of the payment gateways and make sure that potential customers become aware of them in an effortless manner.

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Conversion Optimization Services

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Without good online reputation management, turning leads into loyal customers is a difficult task. After all, there's always a clear correlation between your credibility and business’ bottom line. For that reason online reputation management forms a critical part of any digital marketing strategy.

At FATbit, we deploy a custom and well-tested ORM strategies to build brand awareness and credibility through trustworthy positive reviews. Our experts stay vigilant about any negative reviews that can be damaging to our client's reputation and take necessary measures to restore trust and positivity.

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Reputation Management Services

Our Clients Say

"Working with has been a really great experience that has taken my online business to a new level. From the moment I contacted their customer support, FATbit service has been assisting me with exceptional services built around result driven campaigns. For anyone looking for a professional team to manage web marketing and PPC, get in touch with because they will save your business time and money with their expertise and know-how. Look forward to doing very long term business! Marketing has paid off, thanks, guys!"

Brayden HallFounder and CEO

"You guys are really on top of all the new technology, and I am just glad that my project ended up in such great hands."

I am extremely proud of what we have created. You have always gone above and beyond for me, and have never said "This is impossible" or "We can't do this", which I love.

Alec BeglarianFounder and CEO

"FATbit made an impression from the very beginning and kept it throughout the project duration. From design to quality control team, every person who worked on the project was strict professional and star performer."

FATbit team of coders created exactly what I was looking for, and SEO experts made sure that Kazadu dominates search engines as well. Project members were always there when I needed them. Kazadu is growing and improving every day, all thanks to these great people. I plan to meet the whole FATbit team before the second stage of development begins!

Chris CarlsonFounder and CEO

"AD Systems belongs to a competitive field where product sales matter. SEO services from FATbit have put the search engine spotlight on our website and have helped us in achieving better conversions.The FATbit SEO team is always there to help us understand the playing field in a better way. Questions are addressed quickly and technical aspects explained patiently."

"FATbit is very astute in identifying and explaining issues to us that affect our SEO performance and in offering suggestions for improvement. We are greatly impressed by the level of professionalism maintained at FATbit. If you are looking for actual results,we recommend FATbit."

James AllenFounder and CEO
AD Systems

"We were looking for a company that could help us in increasing RFQs and attaining better presence on search engines.FATbit gave us exactly what we needed. With the greater number of calls and queries received, results were not only in project reports but actually there to be seen."

"The best thing we like about FATbit professionals is that they are ready to walk the extra mile and add real value to the website. As a client, we are pleased with the quality of SEO services and wish to continue our partnership in the long run. "

Hameed ShirhaanFounder and CEO
Maldives Traveller

FATbit is a leading digital marketing agency offering premium services in SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and conversion optimization. Our digital marketing strategists help businesses increase online exposure and fuel their growth.

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