Why Choose FATbit as your Agile eCommerce Development Partner?

For an industry witnessing continuous infrastructural & technological growth, frequent progression by competitive businesses, growing need for business alliances, and consumer priorities in constant flux ― eCommerce necessitates flexibility to adapt and respond to changes with precision and speed.
At FATbit, we employ Agile principles of incremental and iterative deliverables, empowered by a collaborative & efficient cross-team effort of a team with accumulated expertise ― to filter excesses from core project objectives ― delivering robust, affordable, timely, and industry-defining outcomes.

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Our Incremental Agile eCommerce Services Packages

We offer eCommerce development services for varying business requirements ― encapsulated in meticulously compiled packages ― to define our project development commitment with your business goals.

Select an Agile development approach in line with your business goals

Lean Custom Development

(Leverage pre-built components)

Select this package to take a measured step, start lean, and validate your business idea with a customizable platform before committing your investment capital.

Meet the following Business Goals:
  • Get feedback from early adopters.
  • Shorten time to market.
  • Validate the feasibility of the Business Idea.
  • Audition your idea to the investors ― to gain investment & confidence.
Package Inclusions:
  • User Interface (UI) Design.
  • UX Design
  • Clickable Prototype
  • Custom Developed eCommerce platform taking advantage of a pre-built base product.
  • Wireframes and Mockups
  • Investment Pitch (Time and Cost)
  • Project discovery Phase (Write-up of User Stories)
Custom Development

(Develop complete project)

Select this package to broaden horizons, enhance possibilities, integrate your existing internal systems, and position your business in a precisely defined space in the market.

Meet the following Business Goals:
  • Unique business needs.
  • Distinct Branding and User Journeys.
  • Integration with Legacy Business systems.
  • High-security compliance requirements.
  • Custom functionalities for competitive advantage.
Package Inclusions:
  • Custom-developed eCommerce Platform
  • Implementing reliable eCommerce technologies.
  • Clickable Prototype
  • Legacy system Integrations.
  • UAT process (User acceptance testing from our team and client team)
  • Wireframes and Mockups
  • Marketing Strategies (On page/off page)
  • Platform Maintenance
  • Project discovery Phase (Write-up of User Stories)

Hire Dedicated Team

Leverage our industry expertise by hiring a dedicated team to achieve complex business requirements with more flexibility, greater control over variables, prioritization of critical components, and aligning of legacy resources.

Your Objectives

  • Greater flexibility over deliverables
  • Meeting complex requirements.
  • Integrating existing systems
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Leverage internal teams for a collaborative development process

Our Process

  • Evaluation of your business idea.
  • Identify & engage a team of your choice.
  • Define team structure
  • Weekly/Monthly reports
  • Output Analysis/Reports

Our Performance Pillars ―
Trust | Versatility | Precision | Sustained Value

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The team at FATbit ensures that our website is always running at peak performance. Their attention to detail & timely handing of our website issues is the reason we keep coming back to them for all of our website support needs.

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Get the Agile competitive edge

Respond to volatile eCommerce business environment with versatility and adaptability of Agile Commerce development ― build robust and scalable solutions with sustained value delivery, faster turnarounds via team collaboration, and forge resilience with pivot points.

Continuous Product
Improved Cost
Early and
Predictable Delivery
Business Value

Our Agile Development action plans

We offer versatile two-pronged core development strategies for Agile eCommerce development. Each process leverages inherent advantages over the other. Accordingly, suitability is subjective and depends on your business requirements.

Base Product Level Agile Development

Under the base product level agile development, a base platform would be used to construct the full fledged custom product over continuous and synchronous processing.


Custom Product Level Agile Development

Under the custom product level agile development, a full fledged custom solution is developed from the scratch following the agile development process.


Our Recent Agile Based Projects

FATbit Technologies Find Rent Wear


An eCommerce tour & retail booking & sales platform

Case study
UNI Diamonds B2B Marketplace- FATbit Client

UNI Diamonds

A B2B diamond trading marketplace powered by Yo!Kart

Case study
FATbit Technologies Wtutors


An online tutoring marketplace powered by Yo!Coach

Case study

Stamping Authority At The Global Stage

Our commitment to help businesses of all sizes increase flexibility, lower costs & innovate as they transition from offline to online has earned us global acclaim.


enterprise grade custom solutions delivered


team of technologists and domain experts


years of software engineering expertise


Pre-packaged software solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

Which eCommerce industries do FATbit Agile Development services cover?

Since the eCommerce industry has evolved to include wide-ranging industries. In fact, any commerce that happens digitally through online channels is eCommerce. So, apart from retail marketplaces like Amazon or Alibaba, car rental platforms like Turo or Hertz, Online coaching & consultation websites like Udemy or Coursera, and cab hiring services like Uber are all examples of increasing penetration of eCommerce across industries. Similarly, Airbnb, Upwork, Fundbox, Uber Eats, and others are all eCommerce websites since they facilitate business activities online.

FATbit Technologies has delivered Agile development projects for multiple eCommerce industries and has the requisite expertise to deliver precise solutions for innovative/disruptive eCommerce business proposals.

Furthermore, FATbit has 20+ pre-built components for the lean-custom package across eCommerce industries.

What is Agile eCommerce development?

A specialized development practice followed by eCommerce development companies that emphasizes collaboration, flexibility, and iterative development to deliver high-quality eCommerce products and services.

In Agile eCommerce development, the project is broken down into smaller milestones. With each milestone, the development team delivers functionally exclusive, workable solutions. And each such solution is further worked upon, based on a continuous feedback process.

What are the technologies offered by FATbit?

Team FATbit leverages its core industry expertise to offer the best-suited technology as per the project.

We consider the following parameters before finalizing the technology stack for each project:

  • Client’s Business Requirements
  • Scope of the project
  • Resources and time available for the project
  • Security, reliability, scalability, and performance
What are the Agile eCommerce development models followed by FATbit technologies?

At FATbit, we offer two mutually exclusive plans for Agile eCommerce development, each with its own potential use cases and distinct advantages over the other.

Approach 1: eCommerce platform Development using a Base Product: A less resource-intensive and faster way to develop contemporary eCommerce platforms. We custom-develop the final platform using a pre-built solution. These pre-built solutions have been developed from the ground up by the FATbit team. They are versatile, extensively customizable, and include essential eCommerce underpinnings.

Approach 2: Bespoke eCommerce platform Development from Square One With this approach, businesses can develop unique platforms that will allow them to distinctly position themselves, offering tailored solutions to users, follow innovative operative/business models, and/or leverage their existing systems with the new eCommerce platform.

How can Agile eCommerce development help build robust and user-centric products?

Agile practices prioritize user inputs by incorporating customer feedback into the development process. With access to insights about real user needs, development teams can ensure that they are building products that solve real problems and deliver real value to customers.

Moreover, with iterative development, the product is developed incrementally with continuous development and testing, earmarked by possible pivot points ― ergo, development outcomes are more robust.

How does Agile eCommerce development differ from traditional eCommerce development methods?

Traditionally, eCommerce development proceeds with a linear and sequential development process, with the aim of delivering a product with shared requirements. On the other hand, Agile eCommerce development, emphasizes flexibility and adaptability, with the aim of delivering the product incrementally with functionally-exclusive project milestones.

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