Revitalize your brand’s digital focus with a human-centric custom mobile app

Cognitive enterprises enhance their digital focus while rationalizing and adapting processes. Part of their digital focus relies on mobile experience strategy and consistent functional experience. They expect data-first mobile strategy that can be leveraged to take actions. And actions that can further delight users.

Consistent functional experience is at the core of the custom mobile apps we deliver. We enable cognitive enterprises to materialize the complex nature of requirements by delivering human-centric custom mobile apps. Our custom mobile app development services embrace fusion of mobile experience strategy & design to achieve quantifiable success.

Adapting for the ‘next’ in a mobile-first world by achieving agile at scale

In a hyper-competitive era, quality product development and speed-to-market are critical for business success. Agile workflows systemically add value through development of a user-focussed mobile app and improve digital delivery. Such an iterative and empirical approach also adds value in the go-to-market (GTM) strategy of a business and develops competitive advantage.

To deliver transformational mobile experiences, our cross-functional team develops custom mobile apps with a pragmatic and comprehensive approach. We believe in actualizing the benefits of agile at scale for our clients by developing mobile apps while keeping a keen eye on continuous improvement.

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Outcomes That Accelerate Growth In A Mobile-first World


Leave old philosophies behind and pivot to become more digitally relevant.


Enhance and accelerate value sharing with your employees, customers, & partners.


Add business value in disruptive times by establishing presence on mobile.

Improve Time to Market with Readymade Mobile App Solution

Online Retail

The Yo!Kart buyer app comes with multi-lingual support, order management, account management, social login, buyer-friendly search functionality, and many other features.

Online Grocery Ordering

Sell groceries online on both Android and iOS platforms using Growcer mobile applications. Additional features include search, purchasing, last-mile tracking, and more.

Online Food Ordering

Yo!Yumm offers 3 different mobile applications - for buyers, merchants, and delivery partners. Important features include digital wallet, payment gateways, rewards, order tracking, and more.

Online Cab Booking

VivoCabs is a cab booking mobile app solution which offers fare estimator, real time tracking, registration, share ride details, SOS, promotion code, payment gateway, and more.

Online Retail
Online Grocery Ordering
Online Food Ordering
Online Cab Booking

Enhance your ability to create value through digital with our custom mobile app development services

Android App Development

Android app development enables a business to meet the evolving demands of mobile-driven user experience (UX). Such evolving demands require a best-in-class android app development team that understands the challenges of startups as well as large enterprises.

The two technologies - Java and Kotlin enable us to deliver custom mobile applications that are secure and scalable. The presence of few additional factors further strengthens the security and scalability aspect of the mobile apps. Such factors include robust android app backend, disruptive business model, resource requirements of the mobile application, and others.

iOS App Development

The iOS mobile apps are preferred by users who expect ease, simplicity, and highest quality standards. Given the expectations of users, an iOS mobile application development company has to deliver secure and human-centric solutions. Such high standards require strict adherence to user experience and Swift or Objective-C programming practices.

We follow the build-iterate-innovate approach to include client’s requirements as well as feedback. Such an agile approach is helpful to meet the evolving expectations and requirements. While features and user experience may define the success of an iOS mobile app, we also pay special attention to an important factor which most iOS users expect - brand loyalty towards Apple.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

A hybrid mobile app is useful when factors like go-to-market, cost of design or development, and maintenance are considered important. The lightweight hybrid mobile applications are easy on the server storage space and makes monitoring of in-app analytics much easier.

Hybrid mobile apps are considered as an affordable option when compared to native mobile application. The cost is strategically saved as such an application involves developing a native container as well as a wrapper over presentation layer and can operate on multiple platforms. Such apps add convenience for users having old smartphones.

Mobile User Experience Design

For an engaging user experience, every tangible and intangible interaction counts. To bring clarity in the abstract field of mobile user experience, we use industrialized agile processes. Such processes include fast iteration and integration which results into mobile experiences that are innovative, but also functional.

While mobile user experience might be an abstract field, our cross-functional teams excel at implementing the inputs and developing a tailored prototype. The prototype enables the client to see the changes shortly followed by extensive testing before official launch of the mobile application.

Mobile App Support and Maintenance

After the successful deployment of a mobile application, there are many activities that should to be performed over time. A mobile application is dependent on the device type, app store policies, Android and iOS design guidelines, and others.

To ensure adherence to policies and guidelines, a business requires mobile app support and maintenance service. There are three different ways a business can avail this service - annual maintenance contract, hire full time or part time experienced mobile app developers, or requirement-based maintenance. This service includes a broad range of options such as functional improvement of the app, data migration, and others.

Mobile App Testing

Mobile applications are designed to be meaningful for human beings. To deliver a user-centric mobile application, Android and iOS operating systems have crafted strict human interface guidelines (HIG). In the testing phase, we conduct specialized tests for usability, user experience, load, and more, under the supervision of domain experts.

During such tests, both external and internal factors are considered, such as gestures, interruptions by SMS or call, and others. Our industry knowledge enables us to go beyond above-mentioned factors and focus on industry-specific factors as well. Few of them can be adherence to regulations such as HIPAA and more.

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Connect mobile-first strategy with meaningful purposes using agility

Due to the greater interconnectedness of the global economy, multiple factors determine the success of a business idea. To move forward, businesses can initiate a pilot program to test the market by following an iterative agile methodology. Our agile mobile application development process improves the quality across each granular task. The iterative approach results in a steady stream of improvements that is diligently executed to achieve transformational results.

Custom mobile app development process

Crafting Better Experiences with Technologies


Swift is a powerful programming language to develop custom mobile apps. With a concise and expressive syntax, Swift code writing proves to be quite interactive. It supports all the modern features that developers have come to appreciate over the years.

Developed by Apple, Swift is easily the most preferred programming language to build custom mobile applications for the iOS platform. As an object-oriented language, it comprises a host of advanced features to enable flexible and efficient mobile app development. At FATbit, we're proud to have a highly experienced, technically sound, and proficient team of iOS developers that’s well-versed in Swift.

Our team keeps itself attuned to the latest updates in Swift and other relevant technologies. By using an award-winning strategy, our iOS app developers build cutting-edge apps to help businesses gain the upper hand in their competition.


Kotlin is a useful open-source programming language developed by JetBrains. With the backing of Google, it's now become the official language for custom Android app development

Kotlin has rapidly gained popularity among Android app developers for its enhanced code readability, less likelihood of bugs, and reduced development time. Add to that its flawless performance in server-side web app development and Kotlin becomes the go-to programming language for building robust and future-ready Android applications.

As a leading technology player, FATbit has a team of experience-rich and highly qualified Kotlin professionals. With proven expertise in a diverse range of industries, we understand what modern businesses need to thrive. Our tailored solutions help our partners stay dynamic and ahead of the curve in a competitive market.


Java is the most popular object-oriented & open-source programming language globally. With its ‘write once and deploy anywhere’ attribute, developers can build enterprise-level solutions with quick turnaround time.

With cross-platform capabilities, lightweight framework, ease of usage, and an array of security features, it's not hard to see why Java remains one of the most popular programming languages. By using Java applications, enterprises boldly pursue disruption, enhance the end-user experience, and boost business value.

At FATbit technologies, we have a team with credible working experience across all the latest Java technologies. Our experts leverage Java to build robust, scalable, multi-tiered, and cost-effective custom mobile applications that enable sustained business growth. With a deep understanding of the development life-cycle, we take care of your business requirements from architecture design to implementation.

React Native

React Native is a JavaScript framework that offers advanced features to build innovative mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. Developed by Facebook, this programming language has quickly soared in popularity.

React Native is an excellent programming language that uses JavaScript to enable near-native app experience with relatively minimum development effort and time. It makes the app development workflow flexible, where developers can perform complex modifications to the source code without needing to start from scratch. It's no surprise to see startups and enterprises alike opting for React Native.

At FATbit technologies, our team possesses in-depth knowledge of React Native to build robust, aesthetically pleasing, and multi-platform apps that accelerate business growth. Serving a global clientele, our team has already helped countless businesses market their products/services with the state of the art mobile app solutions.


MySQL is a popular open-source relational database management system. It's one of the most preferred databases for web applications. Some of the websites that use MySQL include Google, Wikipedia, and Twitter.

MySQL is a programming language that is integrated with the majority of mobile apps. Written in C and C++, it powers some of the world's most popular Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal. It's compatible with all the major browsers and databases. Moreover, products created with MySQL run flawlessly on different platforms.

At FATbit Technologies, we help our clients in leveraging this incredible technology to power cutting edge mobile apps. Our dedicated team of proficient MYSQL Database Developers has years of experience in fulfilling complex app requirements across diverse business verticals.

Industries We Serve

Education industry

Leveraging advanced technologies to empower the education industry with the robust, breakthrough, & state-of-the-art applications that users love.

Grocery industry

Enabling magnates with a scalable application, designed with customer centric approach inorder to sell & deliver groceries online.

Ecommerce businesses

We enable those businesses that want to launch a new online marketplace or add capability to an existing business.

Online food & beverages ordering solutions
Food & Beverages

To enable entrepreneurs to sell online, we offer online food or beverages ordering solutions.

Healthcare & fitness app development
Healthcare & Fitness

Empowering healthcare organizations with innovative, viable, & future-proof technical applications that boost success.

Communication industry

Delivering customized, growth-oriented, & problem-solving applications that are relevant to the requirements of the Communication industry.

Logistics & Transportation industry
Logistics & Transportation

As pioneers in ecommerce, our subject matter experts can enable businesses that want custom software solutions for this industry.

Online video & entertainment custom solutions
Online Video & Entertainment

Keeping a keen eye on trends, we understand online entertainment has maximum penetration and offer custom solutions.

Our Work

Android and iOS Mobile App for a Telecommunication Company

Australia-based telecommunication company, SpinTel, approached us to create Android and iOS mobile applications for their customers. The requirement was well-documented and our business analysts shared their inputs on further enhancements as well as user experience.

  • Country: Australia
  • App Category: Productivity

Project Deliverables:

  • Custom Mobile App Development- The project deliverables required the integration of custom mobile apps with existing infrastructure of SpinTel.
  • Kotlin and Swift Programming- SpinTel Android and iOS mobile applications delivered with strict adherence to guidelines for security and scalability.
  • User Interface (UI) Design- Considering brand identity and style, we delivered designs for the welcome screen, login screen, chat screen, and more.

  • Third-Party Integrations- We added value in the Android and iOS applications with integration of conversational relationship platform - Intercom and an API provided by the client.

Automatic Wallpaper Changer Android App

To stand out among other personalization Android mobile apps, the client approached us with high expectations. Most of the requirements were already finalized by our client and majority of the work centered around the user experience design and development phase.

  • Country: Australia
  • App Category: Productivity

Project Deliverables:

  • Custom Android App Development- The Elapso mobile app was designed and developed from scratch as per the requirements shared by the client.
  • Language Switch Module- The custom Android mobile application was developed to enable users view the app content in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German, and Italian.
  • Subscription Revenue Module- To earn revenue, different capabilities were added such as manageable trial period, gift code, subscription plans, and auto invoice generation as well as sharing the same via email.

  • Essential Settings- The user interface (UI) of the settings in Elapso was designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Why choose Us For Custom Mobile App Development?

As an end-to-end Custom mobile app development company, we give equal importance to each phase such as analyze, design, develop, and grow. Our team of experienced professionals is constantly learning to help you solve complex challenges in a mobile-first world and fulfil your mobility needs.

  • 18+ Years Experience
  • 100+ Team Members
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • Agile Development
  • Transparent Process


Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with us?

At FATbit, we understand that there are times when a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is required to maintain competitive advantage, privacy, and more. The NDA can be signed when a prospect shares business requirements that can be considered confidential or sensitive and after the delivery of the custom mobile app development project making your ideas as well as data safe with us.

What methodology do you use to build custom mobile applications?

We use two different methodologies for custom mobile app development - waterfall and agile. Both have their own unique advantages with varying degrees of flexibility, control, productivity, and cost. Depending on the custom mobile app development requirements and goals shared by the prospect, one of the two methodologies is selected to deliver the final mobile app-based product.

Do you provide support for custom mobile app development projects?

Usually, the primary benefit of using agile methodology to develop a custom mobile app is that features are added in the backlog. After each sprint, new mobile app features are developed and each month, progress can be observed. Alternatively, to enable our clients launch and successfully run their Android and iOS custom mobile apps, we offer different options for them to purchase additional support hours.

How do I get to know the status of my custom mobile app development project?

We are driven by client-friendly policies as well as a transparent custom mobile app development process. Our in-house project management software, Bizixx, compliments the value we cherish - transparency. Login credentials are created and shared by our team and a quick walkthrough tutorial is given. Using this software (skype and email as well), we communicate and keep track of progress of the mobile app development project.

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