Who can benefit from an optimized GTM strategy?

FATbit enables startups, SMBs, and large enterprises by bringing perfection in their GTM strategy to improve key business outcomes.

  • Startups
  • SMBs
  • Enterprises

How can we help?

Whether the approach needs to be sales-intensive or marketing-intensive, we carefully analyze each aspect and guide to achieve your marketing objectives.

Get First Few Customers
  • Test your business idea
  • Establish sustainable revenue stream(s)
  • Strategize to avoid the issue of scalability
  • Analyze pricing strategy
  • Brand storytelling
Take Business to Next Level
  • Convert prospects to clients
  • Identify metrics to improve sales and marketing
  • Optimize the marketing mix for improved results
  • Quantitative analysis behind account growth
  • Find the right price bracket
Grab More Market Share
  • Analyze market at both macro and micro level
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Gain full transparency on the performance
  • Reduce costs without affecting revenue & quality
  • Handle diverse and dispersed buyer personas
Create Value that is Real & Resonate with your Target Audience.
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An Overview of our 4D Go-to-Market Process

Not only does our GTM process enable a brand to reach prospects, but it also ensures quantifiable results giving a much deeper insight.

  • Discover

    Market research & Customer Segmentation

  • Define

    Analysis, Distribution Channels

  • Design

    Strategy & Planning

  • Deploy

    Resource Allocation & Strategy Execution

GTM Strategy Optimization Redefining 7 P's to Keep up with Digital

With changing dynamics, we use the wisdom of traditional marketing mix and combine it with our updated knowledge and enable you to outperform your competitors. Developing a GTM strategy will help you explore every inch of the target market and assist you in making better decisions.

  • p1

    Applicable to both products and services, this analysis simplifies key aspects of the offering that is designed strictly for the market you want to enter.

  • p2

    Many businesses are shifting their focus to the subscription revenue model. To satisfy the experience-hungry consumers, one has to consider the same while devising a GTM strategy to compete in a complex environment.

  • p3

    To deliver an engaging experience, an omnichannel approach can be a good option to consider. Our team can give you insights on different touchpoints, that are specific to your products or services, as a part of the GTM strategy.

  • p4

    To achieve different marketing objectives, the asset creation varies. Our team excels at the creation of such marketing assets & tactics to achieve brand awareness, thought leadership, lead generation, and other campaign-specific goals.

  • p5

    For an optimized GTM strategy, it is important to know the personas and the skills required to deliver an experience that can win referrals. An optimized GTM strategy offers details on both - your employees and your target audience.

  • p6

    Delivering an excellent experience constantly requires a process. Not only does a process help with timely delivery, but it also helps with the efficient execution of the GTM strategy.

  • p7
    Physical Evidence

    Consistent message across different channels help improve brand recall. While devising a go-to-market strategy, we put an equal amount of effort into considering important touchpoints, message conveyed, and associated buyer personas.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Why Us?

Our process-driven approach ensures priority-specific attention to each phase of the GTM process. Important details are considered beforehand such as how competitors are selling, client-friendly policies, and various other factors. Our team has over 100 experienced professionals, whose meticulous nature ensures that no detail is left out while devising a brand’s GTM strategy.

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