Yo!Coach - A Versatile Solution to Build Online Tutoring And Consultation Marketplaces

Yo!Coach is an online tutoring software designed and developed for entrepreneurs and trainers who are planning to launch a business around online learning and coaching. This is an off-the-shelf software that is ready to meet the diverse requirements of online learning businesses and provide top-class service to the users by managing the cumbersome administrative processes. With a suite of integrated features, Yo!Coach empowers edupreneurs, consultants, and education service providers to build online learning platform like Verbling, Cambly, Preply, Varsity Tutors, Udemy and Coursera.

Fully Customizable
Highly Scalable
Lifetime Ownership
No Recurring Fee
GDPR Compliance
100% White label

Hand-Picked Features To Enhance The Online Learning Experience

Yo!Coach equips you with the right set of capabilities to launch your online learning marketplace at speed and scale. Extensively customizable and highly scalable, Yo!Coach enables you to deliver a digital learning experience that addresses the constantly evolving needs of students and tutors. Live video interaction-based sessions & prerecorded courses help students to learn at their own pace and also allow tutors to take a more curated path in their endeavor to serve students with varied learning curves. A broad gamut of ready to use features highlight Yo!Coach's ability to cater to a variety of use cases in the online learning landscape.

Multiple- Payment Gateways
Group Classes
Code Editor
Time Zone Synchronization
Multiple Screen Sharing
Live Video Chat
Real Time Language Translation
Screen Recording
Progress Tracking

Learning Platforms Shaped by Yo!Coach

Our Impact - Client Testimonials

Yo!Coach had been great from the beginning of my business journey. Their commitment to the customers is unparalleled. The time difference doesn't really become a problem because they're so accommodating and willing to go the extra mile to make sure the customers happy. You don't even feel it. I've added many things to my original package. I've made lots of changes & they've guided me through the whole process without making me feel like they were focused on money. They've always help me make the right decisions for me and my company.

Jessica Bergman CEO of Just Better Education

FATbit, I would say have been very responsive to all of our needs. I think it is fair to say that we probably weren't the easiest customers they've had because our requirements were so bespoke and niche. But FATbit were flexible and accommodating to all of our requests which was great. So I have got nothing but positive things to say about FATbit and the platform itself Yo!Coach proved to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate our needs. So in summary, we've had a good experience. So thank you FATbit.

Sebastian Hall Co-founders of Airside Chat

I have been dealing with FATbit for 2 years now and it has been a great business relationship, they are very great developers, even if they can't necessarily do something right away, they usually can figure it out. They have X force or something. I am a perfectionist and I want things in a certain way. They have delivered, every time, I have asked them to deliver certain features. The communication is very great as far as me being able to text them or email them or even jump on a video call. So I highly recommend FATbit for your development needs.

India C. Barnes Founder of Online K12 Tutors

We started with another software from the UK, called TutorCruncher. I guess it is quite popular platform over there and alot of the startups are using it now. It did its job, but soon we realized it required a lot of administration from myself and my helpers. And, so everything had to be done by hand. Towards the beginning of 2021, we realized that we wanted to migrate it to a more of a marketplace-like solution.

It was about that time that I decided to review the product called Yo!Coach from the company called FATbit Technologies. The biggest selling feature of Yo!Coach was that I could have the source code and install the product on my own VM on the cloud. And they had very good technical support. Basically, they had the whole platform installed for me within just a couple of days and it was up and running.

So now I have been running the Yo!Coach for almost a year now. I am quite happy with it and of course, overall I would say it exceeded my expectation.

Alexander Kolchinsky Founder of Russian Math Tutors

Every solution was taking too much time with nothing less than 6 - 8 months, and it was time we did not have. That's when we found FATbit's Yo!Coach. We explored our vision around what Yo!Coach had to offer, and to our surprise, it fit exactly what we had in mind, and we had a live demo of Yo!Coach. We took the chance of picking up a solution to run our vision on, and we haven't regretted it any bit. So far, it's been a good one for the team.

Mr. Chin Wei Seong WTutors.com

I have been seeking for long months to find the platform that suits my needs. But I couldn't find at all as there was always something missing until I found Yo!Coach platform. This platform contains lots of options and, things you can use in your educational website. As they have, special profile for every teacher going to sign up on a platform. They have, teachers and students login. Also, there is more than five payment gateways for the pay-in and pay-out. So, I really recommend it for anyone who wants to start an educational business online. Choose a FATbit and their Yo!Coach platform.

Mohamed ElSayedCEO of The Everest

My journey with FATbit has been a long one. It took hours and patience getting the website done and to the exact expectations I asked for. FATbit never gives up, they always deliver what they say no matter how much overtime they spend on theproject and customer. My developer Eddie, my sales contact Kesa went over and above the call of duty to stay on top of this project. End result; A beautiful and powerfully functional site that will change the worlds way of learning a new language. Thank you FATbit.

KELLY We Yak Yak - Online Language Learning Portal

We are a brick and mortar physical location language school franchise. Once the COVID-19 shut down happened we needed to move online. Yo!Coach provides a very modern platform for us to execute not only language learning but all types of learning.

Rey D Angelo Online Tutoring Platform

At Fatbit I have found professionalism and a friendly, responsive ,approach, that helping me solve all the queries I had regarding my project

Dr. Mario Innaro Language Explorer - Online Language Learning Portal Portal

A Customizable Framework Compatible With Several Niches

Language Learning
Language Learning

Create a global platform for people to learn their favorite languages from native speakers or expert linguists.

Online Tutoring
Online Tutoring

Build a platform where avid learners can attain greater knowledge by connecting with subject matter experts on a range of topics.

Online Consultation
Online Consultation

Launch a platform where people looking for online consultation can meet expert consultants from a variety of domains.

Music Learning
Music Learning

Launch an online music platform where budding musicians can learn the craft from certified music experts in private online lessons.

Personality Development
Personality Development

Create a platform where people wanting to improve their personality can find expert coaches in the field of personality development.

Medical Consultation
Medical Consultation

Create a medical consultation platform where healthcare seekers can easily get in touch with qualified medical experts.

Culinary Coaching
Culinary Coaching

Build a platform where cooking enthusiasts can learn the culinary art of fine food and drink from connoisseurs of taste.

Fitness Coaching
Fitness Coaching

Build a platform where trainers can share exercise coaching and personalized meal plans to help their clients reach their fitness goals.

Legal Consultation
Legal Consultation

Create a platform where people seeking legal advice and support can easily find experts from different fields of law.

Dance Learning
Dance Learning

Launch a platform where people can find coaching on a range of dance styles, all from professional dancers and choreographers.

Art training
Art Training

Build an art consulting platform for artists and collectors to meet art consultants specialized in promoting and acquiring works of art.

Code training
Code Training

Offer a platform for students to learn and ace their coding skills by following live tutoring instructions from expert coding tutors.

Sports coaching
Sports Coaching

Build a sports coaching platform where individuals with differing sporting aspirations can interact with coaches to meet their goals.

Interior designing training
Interior Designing Training

Create a platform where people can learn from experts the subtle art of interior designing to create unique and beautiful spaces.

Acting training online
Acting Training Online

Create an online acting platform where aspiring actors can learn different methods and styles of acting from professional coaches.

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An Adaptive Business Model For Online Tutoring & Consulting Platforms

Lutoring and Consultation Businesses

A Repertoire Of Exciting Features To Power Online Tutoring Platforms

Yo!Coach Features

Interaction and Collaboration Features

Video Chat

Students and tutors connect face-to-face over video in real-time for a more personalized learning experience either individually or in groups

Virtual Whiteboard

Real-time learning experience gets even more interactive with a rich suite of tools like highlighter, pen, shapes, zoom, and many others.

Lessonspace Recording Functionality

For personalized learning, Yo!Coach comes equipped with Lessonspace Recording Functionality. It aids comprehension and provides better accessibility.

Discussion Forum Module

To encourage engagement and improve collaboration Yo!Coach comes with a discussion forum module. Users can view and post queries, get solutions from other users and stay updated about relevant content, using tags.

Multiple Screen Sharing

Allowing tutors and students to share their screens during online sessions offers flexibility while presenting lessons, assignments, and learning materials.

Language Translation

Using the pre-integrated APIs, Yo!Coach can translate messages in real-time saving a huge amount of time and effort for the user.

Group Classes

Online group sessions powered by Yo!Coach help learners develop a host of skills specific to collaborative efforts essential in the professional world.

Group Class Packages

A series of group classes can be created by tutors. These will be listed as a package and will be available to the learners for enrollment.

One-to-One Learning

One-to-one sessions allow learners to take control of their studies and receive personalized attention without any interruptions and distractions.

Pre-Recorded Courses

Learners can learn at their own pace by playing back pre-recorded courses. It gives them the flexibility to give a concentrated shot to learning.

Live Courses

Learners can be a part of a structured learning environment by opting for live courses. It allows them to seek answers to their queries and be a part of live discussions.

Lesson Subscription

Learners will get an option to subscribe to a tutor's lessons for a month. Post which the lesson subscription will be charged from the learner's wallet. If enough money is not availble in the wallet, the subscription will expire.

New Release

On-The-Go Learning with the Readymade Yo!Coach Apps

Provide a feature-rich learning experience with readymade mobile apps for your elearning marketplace. Learners can now;

  • Search, Book & Schedule Lessons/Teachers
  • Initiate message conversation with Tutor
  • Interaction with Teachers via Video Call
  • Use integrated tools for interactive learning

Leading Edge Integrations for a Whole New Online Learning Experience

Yo!Coach is integrated with the most popular and essential APIs to sustain your online learning business in this competitive environment. From payment gateways to live video sessions, emails, and marketing, Yo!Coach has all bases covered for you.

AtomChat in Yocoach
Zoom in Yocoach
lessonspace in Yocoach
Paypal in Yocoach
Stripe in Yocoach
Authorize net in yocoach
Mailchimp integration in Yocoach
Google analytics in Yocoach
Paygate in Yocoach
Paystock in Yocoach
Checkout in Yocoach
Fixer in Yocoach
Microsoft in Yocoach
Jitsi in Yocoach
VdoCipher in Yocoach

Want to learn about the capabilities of pre-integrated Yo!Coach APIs?

Talk to Yo!Coach Expert
Yo!Coach - Localization and engagement features

Localization and Engagement Features


Yo!Coach supports multiple languages to let students and tutors localize the online tutoring platform content (not user-generated) in their preferred language.


The Multicurrency feature lets students and tutors do transactions in the currency of their choice. Platform admin will manage the currency exchange rates.

Time zone specific reminders

Time zone specific reminders for the upcoming sessions nullifies the communication barrier between students and tutors from different countries or time zones.

Gift cards and Coupons

Create campaign-specific gift cards and coupons to extend the value of your marketing campaigns and drive more traffic to the learning platform.

Reviews and Ratings

The average ratings and reviews of tutors are showcased to generate a high degree of trust and transparency in the tutoring marketplace.

Microsoft Translator Text API

The feature automatically translates labels, content blocks, and content pages under the admin dashboard and teacher biography, group and package class content on the front-end.

Currency Conversion API (Fixer.io)

This feature will auto-convert the currency value in different currencies using an integrated currency conversion third-part API https://fixer.io/.

Admin Features For Effortless Management

Commission Management:

Admin can define, edit, and manage the commission to be charged from the tutors. Method fee (flat/percentage) which is to be deducted from the tutors’ payable amount can also be decided by the admin.

Admin Manageable Pricing

The admin can decide who can add the hourly price for teaching subjects on the platform, i.e. admin or teachers. If the teachers are deciding the prices, the admin can set the minimum and maximum price limit for each subject.

Marketing Module

Coupon codes and gift cards enable the business owners to engage users on the platform. Mailchimp and Google Analytics integrated into the platform further help in analyzing and improving the performance of the platform in the market.

Reports & Statistics

Admin can get access to useful insights into the platform like traffic, visitors, revenue, commissions, registered users, etc. to draft future strategies and plan for business growth.

CMS Management

Admin has full control over the platform including the content, navigation, hierarchy, etc, with the help of the in-built CMS system to make it stand out among the competitors.

Theme Management

Based on the brand's primary and secondary colors, the themes of the platform and email can be managed by the admin. This aids in the brand's marketing.

User Management

Admin can easily manage different activities associated with all the users and manage approval requests quickly.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Yo!Coach enables the business owners to have multiple revenue streams like commissions, banners ads, subscriptions, etc. to fuel business growth.

Courses Management

The admin can manage the courses module, i.e., enable/disable it and the landing pages will accordingly change as per the selected choice.

Bank Transfer Payment Gateway

Learners can select bank transfer as a payment method and based on the receipt submitted, the admin will mark the order as paid.

Globalization of Currency Formats

For locale-sensitive elements, the admin can now manage the currency formats according to global standards

Order Management

The admin can view and manage the booking of sessions. If the order is unpaid, the admin can manually mark it as paid.

Homepage Management

The admin controls the order of content blocks on the homepage via drag-and-drop capabilities included in the CMS area using this feature.

Google Tag Manager

The admin can manage all the website tags without editing the codes such as third-party tags, Google Ads, Google Analytics and Floodlight.

Featured Teachers

For better visibility, the admin can mark teachers as featured.

Experience Yo!Coach

Yo!coach - Student Section Demo
Student Section
Yo!coach - Teacher Section Demo
Teacher Section
Yo!coach - Admin Section Demo
Admin section
Yo!Coach Client
Yo!Coach Client
Yo!Coach Client
Yo!Coach Client

Online Tutoring Platform built on Yo!Coach

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Online Language Learning Platform built on Yo!Coach

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Online Education Marketplace built on Yo!Coach

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Online Reading Tutors Platform built with Yo!Coach

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Yo!Coach Pricing Packages

Trusted by hundreds, Yo!Coach powers tutoring businesses all around the world. Explore which option is right for you.
(Self Hosted + Lifetime License)
Timeline: 5-7 Working Days
  • Default Design
  • Lifetime License
  • No Recurring charges
  • Source code ownership
  • 1-year free support
(Self Hosted + Lifetime License)
Timeline: 50-60 Working Days
  • All GoQuick Deliverables
  • Fully Custom Design (up to 9 Pages)
  • 1-year free support
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Free Digital Marketing Services ? Free Digital marketing services include Google Analytics, Search Console, and Business profiles set up.

White Label Reseller Partnership -Yo!Coach

Become a white label partner with Yo!Coach and resell our solution under your brand name. Our white label program enables you to focus on selling the eLearning solution and controlling the profits while we stay anonymous. Yo!Coach team will be your outsourcing and final deployment partner.

Expand Business Reach
Expand Business Reach
Rebrand and Resell
Rebrand and Resell
Additional Revenue Stream
Additional Revenue Stream
Become a white-label partner of Yo!Coach Get Started

Yo!Coach FAQs

What is included in the Basic Digital Marketing Package?

Here is the list of deliverables for this digital marketing package:

  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console account set up
  • Account setup on Google My Business
  • Top 7 pages Keywords research
  • Top 7 pages Meta tags Optimization
  • Business profiles on top 15 citation or listing sites
How can teachers enhance their profiles and make it outstanding?

Teachers can include the YouTube link of their introduction video to make it more attractive. They can also include relevant information about themselves like biography, skills, experience, and languages which also helps in making their profile outstanding.

How can teachers add resumé items to their profile?

While filing the teacher application form, there is a field that requires to fill up the resume details of the teacher along with the relevant certificates. Teachers can use that form to add their resume items into their profile.

Are there any special equipment required by teachers and students to use the website launched by Yo!Coach?

Teachers and students will require an internet connection, a computer/tablet/smartphone with a camera, and a headset or earphones with a microphone.

Can the teachers and students check the scheduled lessons as per their time zones?

Yes, teachers and students can see the scheduled lessons as per their time zones simplifying the problem for teachers and students located in different time zones. They can go to "Settings" and select their "Time Zone".

How can new teachers approach students?

Teachers are initially required to register and create an account on the website. Students that are already registered on the website will themselves reach out to the teachers as per their requirement.

Does YoCoach provide multilingual support?

Yo!Coach is pre-integrated with the multilingual feature that supports multiple languages to ensure your business has global presence.

What are the Different Pricing Packages of Yo!Coach?
Yo!Coach GoQuick Package:

Yo!Coach GoQuick comes with a default responsive design. The default design is created by professionals keeping in mind the latest design trends to ensure the design is user friendly and engaging.

  • The system will be set up on your server that includes free installation.
  • Lifetime owned license & 100% whitelabel.
  • Additional customization (design, features or integrations) can be done at an additional cost*.
  • 12 months of free technical support for bugs and errors provided that our worked files are not modified by any other company/developer.

Timeline: 2-4 working days

Yo!Coach GoCustom Package:
  • Yo!Coach GoCustom comes with a custom design. This is recommended for businesses having some specific design preferences. Which is different from the default design available. In this package, we do a custom design for following pages:
    • 9 Inner Pages - Accessible without login
    • User dashboard pages redesigning is excluded, but we will customize the look and feel to match with the pages we are redesigning.
  • Lifetime owned license & 100% whitelabel
  • Additional customization (features or integrations) can be done at an additional cost*
  • 12-months of free technical support for bugs and errors provided that our worked files are not modified by any other company/developer.

Timeline: 45-50 working days

Is a user manual provided with Yo!Coach?

Yes, we provide a downloadable user manual in PDF format to understand the features of Yo!Coach. Check user maunal.

Is Yo!Coach GDPR Compliant?

Yes, Yo!Coach complies with the rules and regulations of GDPR and keeps the users' data safe and secure.

Can Yo!Coach be combined with an existing LMS?

Yes, Yo!Coach has a flexible framework which makes it easy to combine it with any existing LMS.

Is PWA functionality supported by Yo!Coach?

Yes, Yo!Coach is available as a PWA that provides users with an app-like experience.

How can a tutor and student connect on the Platform Built With Yo!Coach ?

Yo!Coach comes pre-integrated with video conferencing APIs like AtomChat, Lessonspace, and Zoom through which students and tutors can connect and interact with each other.

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