Why Online Reputation Management is Important for Your Business?


Companies reported an increase in revenue with ORM services


Users use Google to evaluate companies


A company’s evaluation is reliant on its Online Reputation


Marketers prioritize building trust


People globally rely on first-page search engine results


Users trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

Internet Reputation Services, We Offer

We offer result-driven online reputation management services to protect you or your brand's online identity. We analyze, establish, protect, and restore your brand’s image through the following services:

Online Reputation Management Services

Internet Reputation Repair

Repair Internet reputation with our result-driven approach. Any negative information or reviews that may be damaging you or your business are addressed and mitigated systematically. Our modus operandi is along the following steps:

  • Create positive content
  • Respond to online reviews
  • Monitor your online reputation
Monitor Online Presence

Monitor Online Reputation

In today’s connected world, it takes a few pieces of inappropriate content to spiral out of control and undermine your decades of hard work. Partner with us to monitor your online reputation ― identify and address any negative content that is being posted about you or your business.We adopt the following meticulous steps to effectively monitor your online reputation:

  • Set up Google Alerts
  • Monitor Review Websites
  • Monitor your Social Media Profiles
  • Track Online Forums and Communities
Build Online Reputation

Build Online Reputation

Leverage a positive reputation to gain traction with your audience/users, enhance your revenue and grow your business. Building a positive online reputation requires consistent effort and strategic actions. Employ our expertise and nuanced processes to get results. We adopt the following ways to build your online reputation:

  • Create strong positive assets
  • Increase word of mouth
  • Acquire user reviews
  • Create and share Valuable Content
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Suppression of negative links or info appearing on the following sites

Ticket Booking
Yelp Listing
eZ Local Listing
RippOff Report
Mugshot News
federal bureau of investigation
accredited business

Internet Reputation Management Process

We conduct an analysis of a brand or an individual’s current online reputation. Based on it, we plan and implement strategies to lower the ranking of any false or negative news.

  • Inspect

    We analyze your brand’s reputation to define the objectives. All the negative links are thoroughly checked and we identify the reasons behind it.

  • Strategy

    Depending on the negative link's authority, crawl rate, etc., we create a strategy to push them down in the search engine results page.

  • Implement

    We create new content to increase your brand’s reputation. Negative results are push down or suppressed in the process.

  • Monitoring

    We use tools, such as SemRush, Moz, HubSpot, etc., to monitor the progress of new content as well as negative search results.

Industries We Serve

Reputation Management

Healthcare Reputation Management

Maintain trust in your Healthcare Business by managing negative online reviews and content. Leverage our expertise to show the best image of your business to the patients.

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Real Estate
Reputation Management

Real Estate

Invest in maintaining your brand online. We track and mitigate any nefarious online activity aimed at you to help you negate vulnerability, and maximize client traction.

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Reputation Management

eLearning & Education

Get complete peace of mind, navigate negative publicity & trolls, and build upon a loyal following by building an eminent public image in the virtual world.

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Reputation Management

Rental & Sharing

Elevate user expectations and stand out from the competition with a positive internet identity. We monitor your internet presence to allow you to build a positive internet brand identity

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Reputation Management

Travel & Hospitality

Forever living in the public eye, political image-building can be ceaseless and unrelenting. Conversely, a favorable personal brand can catapult a successful political career. Reach out to us for the best solutions.

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Oil, Gas &
Mining Companies

Food & Grocery

Operating in this critically important sector for social, economic, and political factors ― can get attention from the media, citizens, and activists. Leave managing and repairing your virtual presence to us, while you focus on core business activities.

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Reputation Management

Personal Reputation Management

Don’t let your hard work get affected by online misinformation or negative news. Leverage our expertise to monitor your online image and build your personal brand with the power of a positive public image by capitalizing on favorable perceptions.

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Law Firm
Reputation Management

Law Firm Reputation Management

Partner with us to repair any unfavorable bad reputation. Rise in the competitive Law Consultation industry with dynamic management of your Cyber Presence ― in a trade that thrives on positive branding.

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Reputation Management

Business Reputation Management

A robust brand image is a key pillar for business operations. Repair vulnerability to foster a compelling virtual presence that is a powerful engine for growth with our effective and efficient reputation management services.

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Effective ORM Solution for Individuals and Businesses

We have been successfully helping individuals and businesses across different industries with Online reputation management services from more than a decade. Our goal is to spread brand awareness and safeguard your online identity from fake or negative content.


  • We choose platforms that have enough authority to rank in Google search results.
  • We create opportunities for the client to tell his side of the story through reputable websites and media outlets.
  • We work with the client to leverage his existing network and create content and web pages to accurately showcase his work.


  • We develop a customized strategy that includes optimizing and leveraging an existing set of web properties.
  • We expand the company’s digital footprint to better satisfy user search intent.
  • We work on overall branding. Each interaction with your company’s brand will build loyalty, and further helps it to grow.
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What is online reputation management (ORM)?

Online reputation management is reducing the harmful links, results, and webpages from the web and increasing the count of positive assets, profiles, and websites mainly on search engines like Google. Bad online reputation is a big cause of business downfall which can be avoided by managing the online reputation. Thus, Online reputation management includes several method-driven processes supported by technology to monitor, fix, safeguard, and promote a person or a business entity.

How many years of experience does FATbit have in this field?

As a leading technology and business consultation company, FATbit has been empowering a global clientele with its innovative, precise, and result-oriented services since 2004. The company has helped more than 5000 C-Suite executives, celebrities, politicians, businesses, and other individuals to transform feedback and grow with our ORM services.

Do you charge for an online reputation management assessment report before I sign up for your services?

No, we provide a completely free reputation analysis report. We examine the reputation case and share a roadmap consisting of strategies and a timeline to repair or build an online reputation. With this report, you get clarity in how our expertise and services can be of your assistance.

Would my information with you be confidential?

At FATbit Technologies, our endeavor is to give complete client satisfaction with transparent work processes. We respect your privacy and therefore, we do not disclose any type of your identifiable information to any person or third party.

Can you permanently remove an article in an online newspaper?

Permanent removal of article links only exists in 404 cases. We suppress the negative link from the top 2 Google search result pages.

However, as an online reputation management company, our goal is to alleviate the impact of negative content and improve your online reputation. While some articles cannot be removed, their impact can strategically be minimized. We leverage multiple strategies and techniques to reduce its significance by reducing visibility. Some proven methods include content suppression, SEO, impact content creation, and more. However, your case can be subjective, and our team of experts will ideate for the perfect tailored roadmap to get results.

How long will it take to suppress/push down the negative information from Google.com?

At FATbit Technologies, we believe in giving custom solutions that are best suited to the specific needs of an organization or individual. For us each case is unique, and it gives us an opportunity to leverage our expertise and find tailored solutions to each problem.

Therefore, in our pre-online reputation management analysis report, we scrutinize all the factors affecting the reputation and share an exact timeline to fix it.

Should I really care what people say about my company on review sites?

In today’s interconnected and digital-driven world, all it takes are a few unfavorable or inappropriate content to spiral into an uncontrollable juggernaut that can potentially damage all good work done by a company in the past. Moreover, with digital devices taking control over us, more and more people rely on and trust digital sources of information, making it precarious for businesses or personalities to establish and maintain credibility. Today, all tread a thin line, with a step away from a looming misinformation-driven branding catastrophe.

In such a scenario, ORM services are the key support pillar to safeguard, monitor, and repair brand reputations.

Can I be notified when my company is mentioned online?

Yes, inclusive of our ORM services is also the services to monitor your online footprint. We leverage the use of technologies, and our innovation-driven nuanced strategies to monitor various online platforms, which include social media portals, news websites, blogs, review sites, and online portals.

Our monitoring ecosystem employs reliable strategies to capture nefarious and ill-intended activities that can be potentially harmful to your brand. Whenever your company is mentioned, we provide timely notifications to ensure you stay informed about online discussions and mentions that may impact your reputation.

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