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FATbit is a renowned CMS web development company known globally for providing best-in-class custom CMS development solutions. Having vast experience in delivering CMS web design and development services, we have gained a better understanding of evolving market trends and create search-engine-friendly web designs to help you achieve a higher ranking on Google.

Easy To Manage

Our team has expertise in developing easily manageable CMS websites. Our experts focus on creating designs that generate fluid user flow and enhance the ease of use. We enable you to effortlessly edit, delete, and publish content on the webpages.


We understand that time is a valuable asset and to save your time and efforts our team comes up with innovative ideas and integrates the CMS website with interactive content management features.

Complete Control

We enable you to have complete control over your website content and graphics. Our developers create fluid designs and an interactive dashboard with a simplified editing interface to give you access to different aspects of your website.

Highly Secure

Security being one of our major concerns, we apply the best industry practices and implement all the security measures to help you keep your data and content secure. We enable multiple-user access in a highly secure and collaborative way.

Our Expertise In Custom CMS Development

With a multidisciplinary team of professionals having hands-on experience in various CMS development technologies, we cater to the specific business requirements of our clients. We have expertise in integrating CMS platform into our market-ready eCommerce solutions.

Joomla content management system


We have an expert team of developers for Joomla CMS web design and development projects. Leveraging the exclusive features of Joomla, our team enables you to change the color, language, font style, and layout of the content published on the webpage.

wordpress CMS


WordPress has emerged as one of the most reliable platforms to design and develop CMS based websites. Our developers have years of experience in working with WordPress technology and utilizing its various tools, plugins, and features to deliver feature-packed CMS websites.

develop website with drupal cms


We provide the best-in-class Drupal CMS development services and cater to the unique business requirements of our clients. Our Drupal CMS programmers deploy customization tools like content tagging, mobile management interfaces, and workflow planners to simplify the process of content management.

concrete 5 open source CMS


Having developed several Concrete5 CMS websites, our developers have gained expertise in creating highly responsive CMS web applications. Our team uses this open-source CMS technology to enable entrepreneurs from a non-technical background to easily manage their website content.



Our Wix CMS developers understand the advanced requirements of our clients and offer best-suited custom solutions. Our team is well-versed in creating personalized and customized websites with Wix that help entrepreneurs organize their online store in a manner suitable to them.



When it comes to delivering a professional-looking CMS website, we tend to rely on Squarespace. Leveraging a plethora of marketing tools and award-winning templates for a diverse range of businesses, our expert team of Squarespace developers creates highly responsive and enterprise-grade CMS websites.



We have a dedicated team with experience in creating easy to manage e-commerce websites with Prestashop. Our team helps entrepreneurs to scale their e-commerce business by customizing their online store as per the requirements.

Our Value-Based CMS Development Services

We at FATbit, focus on delivering top-notch CMS web design and development services to our clients by adopting the best industry practices. We offer a wide range of CMS development services that enable businesses to manage their website by updating or modifying the content with absolute ease.

  • 01Custom CMS Development
  • 02 Open Source CMS Solutions
  • 03 Enterprise CMS Solution
  • 04 CMS Integration Services

    Our team helps you operate your business functions seamlessly by integrating APIs that enable your CMS solution to communicate with other applications and systems. Our Content management system can easily be integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales and marketing software, and e-commerce portals.

  • 05 CMS Platforms with Built-In SEO Tools

    Advanced and robust SEO tools are vital to stay ahead in this competitive industry and improve your reach to the target audience. We develop comprehensive CMS platforms with built-in SEO tools. The in-built SEO tools enable you to analyze the content, create perfect URLs, meta tags, and enhance the ranking of your webpage.

  • 06 Secure CMS Solution

    To safeguard the data from potential threats is one of the major concerns of a business operating through digital mediums. We enable you to keep your data secure by including vital security features like permission-based access to the content, automated alert generation upon unauthorized access, and user authentication protocol to the CMS solution.

Our Custom CMS DevelopmentProcess

We follow a transparent and agile CMS development process to keep our clients updated throughout the development cycle. Applying a progressive approach and proven methodology, we ensure timely implementation of the project.

  • Requirement Gathering

    We start the CMS development process by discussing requirements with the client. Our experts gather information about the client’s existing website, workflow, and understand their vision to meet the exact requirements.

  • Market Research and Analysis

    After gathering requirements from the client, our team conducts deep market research to understand the ongoing industry trends. The team considers various methods and technologies and selects the best-suited ones to execute the CMS development in an efficient manner.

  • Proposal Approval

    The next step is to prepare a document containing specific details about the development process including the technologies to be used, project timeline, and features to be included in the CMS website. The proposal is then sent to the client for approval.

  • Wireframe Creation

    Once the client accepts the proposal, our team proceeds to design a wireframe that lays a strong foundation for the actual designing process. Using the best wireframe tools, we create multiple design templates for the website and finalize one after taking inputs from the client.

  • Design and Development

    After the wireframe is finalized, our proficient designers start working on the CMS design to ensure it’s user-friendly. Then our developers start the CMS development and integrate various features, modules, and plug-ins mentioned in the proposal.

  • Testing

    We follow a high-standard quality assurance protocol to deliver a highly responsive website. The CMS website goes through several rounds of testing where quality assurance experts review it thoroughly to remove any bugs and errors.

  • Going Live

    After the testing is done and everything looks perfect, we deploy the CMS website, transfer files to the client’s server, and make it go live.

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Industries Served

A reliable content management system adds immense value to businesses that seek to propel their growth. From e-commerce, fashion, healthcare to real estate and logistics we have helped several businesses from various sectors of the industry by providing an easily manageable CMS website.

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Why Choose FATbit For Custom CMS Development?

By following the best practices in design and development, we provide custom CMS solutions that are secure, scalable, and easy to manage.

Experienced Team

Our handpicked designers and developers work efficiently using agile methodology to deliver a high-quality CMS solution.

Timely Delivery

Our process driven approach helps us deliver each project before deadline.

Complete Transparency

We offer 100% transparency by providing you with daily work report using our project management software and maintain clear communication.

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