We believe in establishing a strong relationship with our clients from day 1. Our guardrails ensure their values match with ours so that we work in a rhythm and the client’s experience outperforms their expectations.

We believe in equality and

That’s how we treat the businesses we engage with. Above all, we are focused on forging meaningful and easy relationships with clients who put humaneness at the centre of their practices and behaviours.

We believe in heat but

Not in the heat of the moment. We are all in for verve and vigour that drives a project, however, we have a no-tolerance policy for disrespect and incivility in any of its manifestations.

We value timeliness and that’s why

We like a single POC (Point of Contact) for decision making on all the deliverables to eliminate communication delays. It helps us cut through the functional and organisational silos leading to greater efficiency, acceleration and effectiveness in decisions.

We start with you, that is

Your motivations, your raison d’etre and your requirements. Our processes are anchored around crystal clear requirements as a bare minimum. We take utmost care of freezing the project scope to avoid any delta shift in quoted estimates and associated timelines.

With the project scope in place, we thoroughly assess the distance a project would take to complete. We break down a large size project into time-bound milestones. We work with an agile centric approach to enable iterative improvements, incorporation of rapid feedbacks and accelerated continuous delivery to achieve a quality product in the shortest time frame.

We know when to be transparent and

When to be confidential. Integrity is indispensable. We respect our client’s confidential information and protect it like our own. We expect our clients to adhere to this value-aligned, and treat our copyright, concepts and IP rights the same way and ensure a respectful environment to ensue.

It’s not just about the goal, it’s about the

Intent. From the beginning, we help you get to the nucleus of your goals, unearth your vision, analyse insights and meticulously put it all together to translate ‘on paper’ requirements into a living entity in the real world. While most of the time, the focus is put on the materialisation of goals, we place emphasis on the right intent and will. We know that any tech-company can define or help you accomplish your goals, however, we have an eye for the right intent which can’t be duplicated, and propels initial goals in the right direction. If you don’t have the intent, we aren’t the ideal fit.

Our pricing is defined by the purpose and

Our processes. Our client pricing model begins at $25 per hour and varies with as per the requirements. We have adopted an optimised pricing strategy for entrepreneurs to solidify their growth. Our hourly pricing capabilities for a single domain, non-exclusive license commences at $15.

We don’t believe in labels, meaning

Our workplace is a safe space for all pronouns, colours, sexual orientations and religious beliefs. We embrace diversity and inclusivity in all its forms. That’s why it makes sense for us to work with companies who prioritise diversity and inclusivity, not just in name but in voice.

We are driven by discipline and

Our utmost adherence to maximise value for the client reflects in our project delivery timelines and round the clock, cost-effective outcomes. Our professional practices maintain high standards of objectivity, commitment and discipline. With that in mind, we put trust in our clients to comply with pre-defined payment schedules.

Our rule of T recommends that

Trust and transparency are binaries for a client relationship to progress far than a transaction. Our clients trust us for our strategic advice, functional expertise and expect us to honestly communicate our opinion that challenges preconceptions, and helps them reach the most purposeful solution.

We focus on long-term relationships because

It helps us understand the brand’s DNA, voice and tone over an evolved period of time. To unearth insights from these learnings and take it a step ahead with our strategy, and experience coupled with consumer psychology is when innovation happens. It improves defined brand outcomes and elevates the established trust and persona.

We collaborate relentlessly by

Embracing heterogeneous perspectives to arrive at a vantage point that gives complex communication challenges an edge of global and local relevance. Rooted in genuine client understanding, our people work in close collaborations to deliver distinctive and innovative results.

One size doesn’t fit all and that’s why

Our areas of focus span across creating consumer E-commerce focused solutions, enterprise solutions, process optimisation, user-centric design and experience optimisation, streamlining communication, resource management and establishing your digital focus.

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