Powering The Next Generation of B2B Marketplaces

The progressing B2B landscape is ushering in a new era of how B2B sales are being conducted. Leverage out of the box functionalities of Yo!Kart B2B 一 to orchestrate seamless modern digital B2B transactions. The marketplace solution has been purpose-built with core B2B-specific features to capture growth opportunities in the flourishing sector.

Better Buying Experience

Modern B2B buyers expect an intuitive eCommerce experience to ease the buying process. Yo!Kart B2B offers a seamless UX along with features such as multiple payment gateways, One-click reordering, and more

Request For Quote Module

Negotiations are hosted just like the real world with the Request For Quote module in Yo!Kart. Businesses can accept, reject, or place a counter offer.

Bulk Order Management

Encourage Bulk orders by setting discounts exclusively for high volume orders. Also ease supply chain management for sellers by letting them set a minimum order quantity for the products.

Catalog Management System

Yo!Kart B2B allows sellers to create multiple categories, import thousands of products in minutes, manage brands/product variants, or handle custom catalog requests with the in-built catalog system.

Sell Services with products

Enhance the scope of the B2B marketplace with the sale of services alongside products or independently. A bigger pool of sellers can be onboarded and buyers get better options.

Secure and Flexible Payments

16+ popular payment gateways pre-integrated to streamline complex payment processing for manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and service providers.


Forecasted B2B eCommerce Market Size by 2027


B2B Sales will Occur on digital channels By 2025


B2B Transactions Start Online


B2B Buyers Prefer Online Interaction instead 1:1

Yo!Kart B2B Ecommerce Solution
Accelerates B2B eCommerce For Businesses

Align manufacturers, distributors, and service providers under one roof in a B2B marketplace to unify their sales channels. Yo!Kart B2B marketplace software delivers future-ready B2B marketplaces with immersive eCommerce experiences - acting as a catalyst for new growth in digital commerce.

Here's an illustrative analysis to depict how Yo!Kart B2B eCommerce solution eases digital business interactions between buyers and sellers with its result-driven features:

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Powerful Request For Quote (RFQ) Module For Your Online B2B Marketplace

Yo!Kart B2B comes with a robust RFQ module to streamline price negotiation between users (buyers and sellers) on the marketplace. The seller can easily toggle between Buy Now and RFQ option under store-level configuration.

The RFQ module enables buyers to share additional requirements such as capacity, product quantity, delivery date, and address to the seller. It streamlines the B2B marketplace workflow, encouraging buyers to interact with sellers. This helps a business in achieving transaction goals.

With Yo!Kart B2B RFQ Module users can Perform activities such as:

  • RFQ Product or
    Service Price
  • Counter offer
    with Negotiation
  • Inspection
    Reports For Buyer
  • Certification
    upload For Seller
  • Accept, Reject
    Offer Requests
  • Order & Payment
    Management For Seller
  • Quote Validity
    Option For Seller
  • Order Processing
  • Invoice generation
    For Seller
  • Flexible Checkout:
    Partial Payment

Set up, Configure, and Manage
Your B2B Marketplace With Admin Dashboard

Yokart Product image
Intuitive Admin Panel

Get a snapshot of the complete marketplace from the admin Dashboard. Control entire business operations in quick and easily available options from the dashboard itself.

Order Management

View order details, Recover abandoned orders, approve/decline withdrawal requests, and much more. Get complete control within the admin dashboard to manage all orders and related requests.

Catalog Management

Powerful catalog management system to add/update products, categories, product options; approve/decline custom catalog requests; manage seller inventory list, and more.

Commission Setup

Charge separate commission rates for products. Go to Commission Settings under System Settings in the admin dashboard to add/change commission fees for individual products.

Subscription Packages Setup

The marketplace owner can introduce subscription plans for sellers. They have the flexibility to create up to four subscription packages with distinct pricing, commission, control over product listing, and other parameters.

SEO Friendly System

YoKart B2B comes with functionalities such as creating custom URLs, Meta tags management for existing product pages, url rewriting, XML sitemap management, and more to make your marketplace visible on search engine results.

Affiliate Module

In-built affiliate module to acquire/retain customers and boost your eCommerce business. The admin can easily manage affiliates and set up commission fees per order.

Website Localization

Configure site language, select default system currency, and more to create a localized digital customer experience. Website localization improves discoverability and increases brand trust.

Tags on Products/Store page

Enable your sellers to display useful information about the seller such as country flag, founding member tag, verified by admin tag, and membership tag on the product page and shop page.

Flexibility to Show/Hide Price

With Yo!Kart B2B, you can offer flexibility to sellers for showing or hiding prices for guest users or logged-in users. This feature allows sellers to secure their pricing strategies.

Key B2B Features For Buyers & Sellers

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Sellers can specify the minimum purchase quantity for individual products while adding/managing inventory. This ensures that buyers cannot request or place the order below MOQ.

Buy Now or RFQ Toggle

Sellers have the option to enable buyers to either place direct orders or only via Request For Quote. The setting will give sellers the flexibility to stay open for negotiations or list competitive prices for products or services.

Individual Seller Storefront

Yo!Kart B2B has a separate seller storefront for vendors to upload banner/logo, set up social media accounts, and much more. Individual storefront allows the seller to personalize the shop page as per their brand.

Certificates and Inspection Report

Sellers can upload documents like quality certificates, tradeshow certificates, inspection reports, and others. The buyers will be able to gauge the quality of products, or use the documents in further sale/use of the products.


With Yo!Kart B2B, sellers have the option to add or streamline product, inventory, customer data in quick time with the import/export feature. The system supports popular file format such as .csv.

Invoice with Payment Link

With the in-built RFQ module, automate invoice generation with direct payment links for RFQ orders 一 for partial or final payment. The link can have a predetermined, fixed validity period, to streamline payment collection.

Assigning Roles to Sub-users

The sellers can delegate authority to streamline operations of the online shop by creating sub-users and assigning them with roles for either all modules or individual modules from within the seller dashboard.

Quote Management

Generate invoices for accepted offers, view re-quoted offers, and manage quotes for all RFQ requests. The seller can accept, reject, or place a counter offer for all requests under Offers Management. Each quote has a set validity in days.

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The Telegraph

“Yo!Kart identified the future need a decade ago and started building marketplace solutions for various niches, in both B2B and B2C segments. One of the World's Largest Brewers Trusted Yo!Kart for Its B2B Marketplace Setup.”

Ecommerce Platforms

“Yo!Kart comes with all standard B2B features like Request for Quote (RFQ), minimum order quantity, product catalog, etc. The platform is highly secure, robust, and fully customizable to meet your B2B business requirements.”

Inc. Magazine

“Specially designed for startups and SMBs, Yo!Kart is a turnkey and features rich eCommerce marketplace solution to build multi-vendor stores such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. While many other eCommerce platforms do offer a multi-vendor version, Yo!Kart specializes in this particular field.”

Yo!Kart - B2B eCommerce Platform Pricing

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Custom B2B Marketplaces Powered by Yo!Kart

UNI - Diamond Trading Gone Digital

The Yo!Kart team was behind the development of UNI - the world's first professional diamond B2B trading platform. UNI offers a B2B ecosystem for vendors and buyers while adhering to the best practices in the diamond trade industry.

B2B Liquor Selling Marketplace for a Fortune 500 Firm

A global brewery leader with a presence in 100+ countries collaborated with our team to start an online B2B liquor marketplace. We delivered a B2B liquor marketplace that offers fair prices to end customers like mom & pop stores, small beer cafes and more.

Yokart Product image

Bozinga - B2B Wholesale Marketplace For Distributors and Manufacturers

Powered by Yo!Kart B2B, Bozinga is an online wholesale marketplace with more than 500 categories/sub-categories. It enables users to buy/sell from manufacturers and distributors worldwide. The marketplace has a unique RFQ module to facilitate interaction and price negotiation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Yo!Kart is different from Yo!Kart B2B eCommerce Platform ?

YoKart was launched in 2015 and has been used by 2000+ businesses across the globe. The marketplace software is developed to power multi-vendor platforms where vendors sell to the end consumers. Yo!Kart can power marketplaces that are similar to Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, and other B2C/C2C marketplaces in operation. It comes with 100's in-built features, Pre-integrated APIs (Stripe Connect, TaxJar, etc), Ready buyer apps (iOS & Android). YoKart pricing starts from $1249. Learn more

Whereas, Yo!Kart B2B ecommerce software has been specially developed for the B2B & wholesale industry. It can power B2B marketplaces that are similar to Alibaba and other B2B marketplaces in operation. Features like RFQ, bulk order discounts, minimum order quantity 一 integral to B2B commerce transactions, are exclusive to Yo!Kart B2B. Additionally, integral to B2B eCommerce, Yo!Kart B2B marketplace software allows vendors/distributors to sell services exclusively or bundled with products. However, YoKart B2B doesn't have ready buyer apps and some third-party APIs (TaxJar, StripeConnect) that YoKart has. YoKart B2B pricing starts at $1499.

How Taxes are Managed in Yo!Kart B2B?

In Yo!art B2B marketplace platform tax is managed at admin level and seller level under dedicated Tax tabs in the settings menu respectively.

Admins can assign tax percentage value with each product category separately. Additionally, related information such as tax code and tax category identified can be added as well.

Furthermore, sellers also have the option to correct the tax set at admin level and apply a different value that holds specifically for the product category sold by the specific seller. For every other seller the admin-set value will apply, unless the value is corrected at an individual level by them as well.

How is Shipping managed in Yo!Kart B2B?

Yo!Kart B2B ecommerce platform comes with Shipstation API pre-integrated. It lets admin and sellers customize shipping settings to introduce shipping rules into the system.

The admin of the of Yo!Kart B2B based marketplace introduces a list of shipping company providers, with the option of enabling or disabling each. Exclusive duration labels, each with predetermined shipping duration range can be created for the sellers to choose from

For Cash On Delivery(COD) orders, the admin can assign users by adding their details in to the system. For each user, the admin can view status of orders and transaction ledger.

Additionally, the admin can also allow sellers to manage shipping on their own.

The sellers on the marketplace can further use the predetermined rules set by the admin and attach shipping rates to each product getting shipped from a location A to a destination location B. Additionally, the following admin-defined parameters of 一 minimum and maximum order quantity, shipping provider, and shipping duration range can be attached with the products.

Does Yo!Kart B2B allow services to be sold alongside products?

A key requirement of B2B commerce is the availability of related services alongside products. The services can be related to the use and maintenance of products or can be a key part of the product itself.

Yo!Kart B2B marketplace software allows the sale of services alongside the products. Sellers can list services with the products or independently. Likewise buyers can purchase the services alongside the products or send RFQ requests for services offered independently.

For the marketplace owner, the availability of services alongside products, broadens the scope of the B2B marketplace. Suppliers, which do not offer services, but offer value by way of their product range, can sell on the marketplace. The same holds true for sellers that offer services exclusively. Buyers get to choose the two independently or in bundled packages. Thus, the online marketplace can become a one-stop solution for products and services, enhancing its appeal.

Which is the most popular B2B marketplace?

Alibaba, which was founded in 1999, is arguably the world’s most popular B2B marketplace. It is a wholesale marketplace that lets businesses based in China sell to buyers all over the world.

According to Statista, Alibaba posted revenues around 109 billion US dollars for the fiscal year 2019-20. The annual active users reached around 863 million by the end of September, 2021.

Amazon business, Rakuten, Mercateo, Walmart are some of the other major players in the online B2B marketplace space.

How does a B2B marketplace make money?

The B2B marketplace owner can generate revenue from multiple sources. The most popular ones are as follows:

  • Revenue can be generated by charging commissions on each transaction on the platform
  • Subscription plans can be introduced in lieu of, or in addition to the commissions.
  • Monetize website banners for sellers to display ads
  • Revenue can be generated by allowing sellers to display featured products on the website
  • Furthermore, the owner can earn through Pay Per Click.
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