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SEM in the Modern Advertising Age

Search engine marketing has the potential to offer instant results through targeted campaigns. It connects you with prospects, where and how they want to be reached. Here are some more reasons why search engine marketing is crucial for every business.

  • Conversion-Focused

    SEM is a crucial conversion driver as paid ads are commonly linked to conversion-focused landing pages.

  • Search Intent

    Understanding what people search gives you an indication of how close or far you are from achieving your goal.

  • Immediate Results

    SEM has the potential to deliver immediate results and therefore is one of the lead generation methods.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Search engine marketing offers a better response rate on mobile devices.

Our SEM Campaign Process for Better Targeting

Marketers at FATbit Technologies use SEM to attract new customers, support marketing campaigns, and boost search engine presence. Our SEM strategy is the backbone of the comprehensive digital approach to generate more leads for your business. It is designed by keeping ROI in mind and can support the entire spectrum of online approaches and integrate them in the best way.

  • Initial Analysis

    We consider your budget, goals, and marketing techniques to achieve those goals. We also study your competitors and their digital strategies.

  • Goal Funneling

    We set specific, measurable, time-bound, and realistic goals to achieve. We have a clear understanding of how and where our work will make a difference.

  • Right Keyword

    We search the terms that are most meaningful and relevant to your business. It guides our promotional efforts and produces content that the web searchers are seeking.

  • Create Adverts

    We create adverts that people want to interact with. Our intention is to increase the CTR (click-through rate) and improve ROI.

  • Landing Page

    Lead capture pages are designed and presented in a conversion-friendly way to make visitors take action.

  • Manage CPC

    It determines the financial success of paid search campaigns and the quality we get from that investment.

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Improve Visibility and Generate Leads with our Paid Search Services

Our wide range of search engine marketing services is the right choice for a business owner who is looking to reach more customers via search engine advertising. Our SEM services include:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

    Our PPC experts have the potential to generate immediate and high quality traffic for your website.

  • Copywriting

    We write persona-specific copies for adverts to grab the attention of viewers and make them take action.

  • Landing Page Design

    We design and develop landing pages to collect information from visitors coming through paid adverts.

  • Campaign Optimization

    We offer optimization service for pay per click campaign, copy, and landing page to improve the conversion rate.

Why Let us Plan and Execute your Paid Campaigns?

We understand your business goals first and then devise a customized SEM strategy. Our search engine marketing services are cost-effective and help your business with better online visibility and more lead generation.

Cost Effective

With refined processes in place, we offer cost-effective search engine marketing service.

Greater ROI

Our SEM services enable your brand to generate relevant leads for a better return on investment.

Always Ahead

With the use of advanced tools and our experience, we optimize to different areas of your paid campaign.

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