UNI diamonds impact story

Impact Story

Inside Diamond Trading's Digital Transformation

How FATbit as the technology partner to U.N.I. technologies helped them revolutionise the diamond trading experience by launching worlds first online business-to-business polished diamond marketplace and thus enabling the diamond buyers and sellers to search, compare, value, bid and buy/sell diamonds, verifying all the required information and market data.

UNI Diamonds Mobile App Screen 1 UNI Diamonds Mobile App Screen 2 UNI Diamonds Mobile App Screen 3 UNI Diamonds Mobile App Screen 4

Snapshot of Features Delivered

AI Powered Diamond Price Calculator
360 degree Diamond View
Compare Diamonds
Diamond Auctions, Negotiations and Memos
Logistics & Shipment tracking integrating Malca Amit APIs
Diamond Price Evaluation and Trends
Integration with Diamond Certification Bodies
Custom UI for Private Stores
Price Guide for Natural Polished Diamonds
White Labelled Solution for Retail Stores
Online Tenders and Trade Shows
Broker Solution with Price Adjustments

Problems With Being Offline

  • Lack of transparency and trust between buyers and sellers throughout the diamond value chain.
  • Lower customer confidence due to lack of traceability assurance in the provenance and origins of diamonds.
  • Heavy reliance on complicated, questionable diamond price-lists and their associated interpretations.
  • Absence of GPS tracking, traceability and visibility across the complex and multi-tiered diamond supply chain.
  • Lack of operational efficiency and high operating costs due to manual and duplicate processes.
  • Low customer satisfaction scores due to less responsive and complex operating models.

Our Approach

Understanding the Domain

We spent considerable time to gain the understanding of broad patterns of the diamond trading industry. We extensively researched to have a tight grip on the domain knowledge and created a rich database capturing all the critical facets of a diamond persona; Culet, Culet condition, Shape, Color(No BGM), Carat, Clarity, Fluorescence certificate grade, DLF rank, inclusions (Table, Eye clean, Side, Open Inclusions), Luster, Finishing, Extra facet, Table, Pavilion, Crown, Girdle, Shades amongst others.

UNI diamonds colour chart
UNI diamonds clarity chart
UNI diamonds variety chart
UNI diamonds size chart
 UNI diamonds GIA logo
UNI diamonds dimension graphic

Embedding the "How Might We?"

To capture the pain points, opportunity areas, different viewpoints and to have a better understanding of the variables critical for diamond trading, we drove our design sprints with HMW( How Might We ) sessions:

  • HMW communicate the quality, authenticity, price transparency and guaranteed availability of the diamonds?
  • HMW make the discovery of a diamonds easy and quick?
  • HMW present the most crucial information in an easy to understand manner in a dashboard?
  • HMW the provide most accurate diamond pricing information available in the market?
UNI diamonds ideation process UNI diamonds how might we process

Translating Insights into Prototypes

We synthesised the research findings from these HMW sessions into actionable insights and created a strategic implementation roadmap. Over a few weeks, we went ahead in full steam to develop an initial high-fidelity prototype, front-end only covering the functionalities like diamonds search, diamonds comparison, filters, bid calculator, diamond details screen and essential admin functionalities.

UNI diamonds app architecture
UNI diamonds app architecture refined
UNI diamonds app design iOS tab 1 UNI diamonds app design iOS tab 2 UNI diamonds app design iOS tab 3

Progressing Prototypes To MVP

The high fidelity prototypes helped us think ahead for all possible use cases and select the right technology architecture. We customized Yo!Kart and implemented agile practices to identify the blind spots and worked on them quickly. Working at breakneck speed, we developed the application MVP (Minimum Viable Product) application and helped UNI make its first appearance at the Hong Kong International show 2018. UNI opened its online diamond trading platform's MVP to professional diamantaires, diamond manufacturers, buyers and sellers.

UNI diamonds application architecture final

MVP launch at Hong Kong International Show, 2018.

Uni Diamonds Trade Exhibition1
Uni Diamonds Trade Exhibition2
Uni Diamonds Trade Exhibition3

Scaling the MVP into finished product

After the successful MVP launch, We worked to scale up the solution by developing functionalities pivoted around the essential use cases across the diamond value chain for B2B and B2C chapters. We implemented DevOps and CICD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) to shore up the continuous and faster rollout of application features. Over three years (2019-2021) we closely collaborated with U.N.I Technologies to achieve the following:

Launch of mobile applications

UNI Diamonds

Automatically generate and alert customers (Phone, text message or email) of their order information once the planning is complete.

Ability to look at diamonds from different angles with 360-degree advanced diamond display functionality.

Graphical display for average price trends for a particular segment.

Ability to place a memo order to rent the diamond. Features to handle memo notifications and manage orders.

UNI diamonds retailer app android 1 UNI diamonds retailer app android 2 UNI diamonds retailer app android 3

UNI Retailer

Information regarding stone location and delivery time estimates.

Compare diamonds across trusted vendors (Retail chain, independent seller).

Search and filter stones with the help of over 50 plus filters.

UNI diamonds seller app android 1 UNI diamonds seller app android 2 UNI diamonds seller app android 3

UNI Diamonds Calculator

Launched a diamond price calculator app that uses an advanced machine learning algorithm to provide the most accurate diamond prices. This calculator uses wholesale diamond prices, sales data and stone's 4C's (Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity) to precisely calculate the prices.

UNI diamonds calculator app android 1 UNI diamonds calculator app android 2 UNI diamonds calculator app android 3

Team FATbit delivered a complete Back-office Management Engine connected with a secure logistic solution (Malca Amit) with intelligent scheduling and dispatch capabilities, So any vendor (Retail chain and independent seller) can have his/her inventory sold over UNI with 100% availability and crucial trust.

U.N.I Technologies delivered seven-plus successful digital tenders and trade shows on the global scale.

Partnership with
De Beers Group

UNI diamonds tender show 1

JCK Show,
Vegas 2019

UNI diamonds tender show 2

HKG Show,
Sep 2019

UNI diamonds tender show 3


UNI diamonds tender show 4

HKG Show,
Feb 2019

UNI Diamonds Client

U.N.I Technologies has become the only company worldwide with the cloud solution, infrastructure and logistical capacity to aggregate and consolidate any size of diamond demand from multiple suppliers, evaluate and carry out quality checks for retail clients, and then complete the sales and secure delivery process through to the final buyer.

Value Delivered

UNI diamonds value delivered 1

Improved customer service efficiency

  • Reduced communication with Malca Amit customer service for reconciliation
  • Reduced inbound calls from both sellers and end customers
  • Single call resolution on bid management
  • Automation of delivery notifications calls"
UNI diamonds value delivered 2

Reduced operational complexity and costs

  • Significantly reduced duplicate, redundant processes
  • Created standard operating procedures for all the stakeholders
  • Reduction of manual processes for driver trip sheet collection, metric reporting, returns, invoicing etc.
  • Automation of post-delivery survey
  • Reduced ‘route smoothing’ time performed by Malca Amit
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