Create Competitive Advantage with Value Proposition

There is a lot happening simultaneously for an early-stage startup or established business. By integrating core value(s) in tech and strategy, we bring perfection to a brand’s journey and enable it to get ready for rapid growth. Our UVP analysis highlights different insights, among which, four are primary.

How to let prospects know the value(s) you stand for?

Derived from the essence of what your organization truly stands for, the value is often difficult to convey. We assist you in value identification and the best way to link it with selling proposition.

How to position your brand in competitive market?

Making it easier for you to earn a spot in a consumer's mind, we help you identify key areas that can make your brand desirable in the niche you want to operate in.

How different will be your offerings from competitors?

Analyzing the competition is crucial to differentiate your product or service from competitors. Considering a lot of factors such as pricing, packaging, etc., we enable you to make a refined UVP.

How to make prospects trust your brand?

There is a thin line of difference between authoritative and approachable brand voice. A UVP analysis can highlight several influencing factors that contribute to build trust.

For Startups

  • Gain the trust of venture capitalists to acquire funds.
  • Helps to know the dynamics before the launch of new products/services.
  • Allocate the right amount of resources.
  • Scale your operations easily with well-defined goals.

For Established Businesses

  • Enables you to expand to new markets.
  • Helps to bring teams together & be on the same page.
  • Helps to discover new opportunities & identify pain areas.
  • Improves operational efficiency with analysis of competition.
True Value is Derived by Rethinking the Fundamentals.
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Execute Seamlessly with our End-to-End Value Creation Process

Mastering the process of identifying values and delivering outcomes is essential to drive sustainable growth. At FATbit, we work with the client to address different challenges and bring value. Our process-driven approach ensures that we give equal importance to the intent, proposition, and operating model to enable the client execute flawlessly.

  • Intent
    • What do you want to achieve in the next few years?
    • What values will guide you into that future?
    • What goals do you want to achieve through those values?
  • Proposition
    • Define “What's in it for me (WIIFM)” for prospects?
    • What is your proposition for a specific market/product/service?
    • How will you differentiate your business from competitors?
  • Operating Model
    • How do you plan to create value?
    • How will your organization achieve strategic intent?
    • How to do you plan to address challenges found along the way?
  • Execution
    • Which resources are available that can assist your company in value creation?
    • Which actions will translate value into profit?
    • How to optimize the execution process to ensure maximum value?

Sell with a Difference using our In-Depth Analysis

It is important to acknowledge that the business environment is becoming interrelated. This adds more complexity, making it difficult for a business to differentiate it’s selling proposition. At FATbit, we help you add the element of “uniqueness” to your selling proposition by conducting different analysis and share our findings to help you build a sustainable business empire.

Surviving in a competitive marketplace requires you to gain a deeper understanding of the resources available and utilize the same. With VRIO analysis, our experts can share insights to determine your company’s competitive potential.

Competitive advantage is created by analyzing which activities your business conducts to deliver products/services and how they are conducted. By considering several macro-environmental factors, we analyze your company’s position, potential, operations, etc.

SWOT is perhaps the most versatile analysis in the history of strategic management. Our analysts use this management tool to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for a business or project.

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We enable brands with solutions to plan, design, develop and grow their business. Having more than a decade of experience providing software and growth solutions, we excel at helping clients achieve more.

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