Landing Page Design That Improves Your Lead Generation

The importance of an effective landing page can be estimated by the fact that most of the visitors convert into clients via this page. A well-designed landing page is crucial to build business via online platforms. We understand the industry trends and offer the best landing page design services to help you increase leads and conversions.

Why Does Your Business Need Custom Designed Landing Page?

  • Fueling Marketing Channels

    Landing pages form an important part of a winning marketing strategy since they can be shared via different marketing channels like google ads, social media, dedicated emails, other paid marketing campaigns, etc. Well-designed dedicated web pages can be channeled on various platforms to target specific sets of audiences, resulting in improved lead generation.

  • Landing Page Design That Engages The Target Audience

    Your landing page should be designed in accordance with the target audience or buyers to resonate with their ideas and rightly address their concerns. Every business has different sets of buyer personas and strategizing the content of the landing page to satisfy the needs of each specific persona is important to improve the conversion rate. Through custom-development, landing pages can be designed to engage the specific set of buyer groups.

  • Insights Driven Design

    Every landing page is created to target different sets of audiences depending upon the nature of the business and the region of marketing. That makes it important for the landing page to be custom designed as per the target location and people. Our design is based on the insights gained through in-depth research done prior to designing. We use data analytics to understand the trends and design the landing pages accordingly.

  • Design That Conveys Your Brand Voice & Message

    There are several businesses running paid ad campaigns and targeting the same set of audience as you. To beat the competition, your landing page should have something unique. What makes your business unique is your brand voice and message. We help you deliver the right message to the right audience with a custom-designed Landing page.

  • Lead Generation

    If there is one thing that can drastically improve your lead generation and conversion then it is the landing page design. By aligning your landing page with a conversion-centric design, you attract more traffic and hence the conversions. We design your landing page as per your business goals and marketing strategy to generate the maximum leads.

  • Displaying Offers

    Marketing offers are at the core of landing pages. The basic idea behind a landing page is that the user gives some information in return for getting some offers. By designing your landing page according to the latest market trends, we help you increase the lead generation by advertising your most attractive offers on the landing page.

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Essential Elements To Design a High Converting Landing Page


The Unique Selling Proposition includes an impactful headline and a supporting subheading. This along with reinforcing statements and key highlights completes your USP. We first understand and then incorporate your USP in the landing page design to capture the users’ attention and make them believe in your brand.

Visual Elements

Visual elements play a major role in driving a high conversion rate as humans respond to visuals and graphics faster than any other form of content. It has been found that site visitors spend 100% more time on pages with creative images and videos. Our expert designers use captivating images & graphics to deliver a high converting landing page.

Trust Elements

If you want more conversion from your landing page, you need to include trust-building elements on your landing page. We apply the insights-driven approach to landing page design and include testimonials, review ratings, awards, etc. which goes a long way in cultivating user’s trust.


This element basically revolves around highlighting and listing all your benefits along with a summary of the product or service you are selling. We have expertise in designing landing pages that incorporate benefits to make users get accustomed to your product or service.


The last position is the most important element of all - A perfect call to action. CTA plays a major role in targeting and converting visitors by proactively engaging them. We ensure the right positioning and visibility of CTA to enhance the performance of the landing page.


The form on the landing page highlights the conversion funnel, be it, signup, contact details, subscription or any other information. We ensure that the bounce rate is reduced and visitors share details at the end by designing short, simple, and easy to fill forms for the landing page.

What Makes FATbit an Expert in Landing Page Optimization & Design?


At FATbit, we design & optimize your landing page following the best design practices and using tried & tested methods that result in a high rate of conversion.

We incorporate an intuitive and flexible design and organize the overall navigation of the landing page. From the banner image to the color selection of various other elements, we ensure that the message is visually appealing.


From coding to the page layout, we carefully develop each and every aspect of the landing page to ensure optimal usability.

In addition to that, we also analyze URL structure which ensures that there are no broken links. Our growth-oriented development approach leverages the latest trends and best practices resulting in optimal landing pages.


We excel at delivering the right message with the right words by adopting a user-friendly & conversion-centric content approach.

From an engaging heading to SEO friendly content, we make sure that visitors understand what you want to convey through the landing page. In addition to that, we put a lot of emphasis on impactful CTA thereby helping you increase the conversion rate of that web page.


We believe that no matter how aesthetically pleasing and organized a landing page might be if its performance is not up to the mark then it fails to achieve its goal.

This is why we ensure that the landing page is fully responsive and compatible with all the widely used browsers. Additionally, we use the best landing page optimization practices to optimize the page load speed that enhances user-experience.


Our job does not end after creating a captivating and effective landing page. We provide complete support through various channels and offer regular updates to the landing page.

Additionally, we offer at least 2 rounds of design revision to tweak the landing page design as per requirement. Our robust support has been lauded by all our clients.

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Important Stats & Facts

No matter what type of business you are in it’s always wise to have a creatively-designed landing page capable of driving conversions. As your landing page reaches your target audience, it plays an important role in generating business.

  • Optimizing the landing page with effective designs scales B2B company resources by increasing the average conversion rate from 2.35% to 40%.
  • The content, design, USP, call-to-action, graphics, and form, all well-aligned on the landing page increase the chances of converting the visitor by 21%.
  • Viewers are 80% more likely to read content that is combined with images.
  • A well-designed title of your landing page influences the decision-making process of 73% of buyers.

Why Choose FATbit For Landing Page Design?

Established in 2004, FATbit holds years of industry experience in designing & optimization of landing pages. We understand our clients’ requirements, carry in-depth research to comprehend the website audience’s psychology, and follow the latest web trends to design conversion-centric landing pages.

  • A Team of dedicated & certified UI/UX designers
  • Designs that convey your brand voice
  • Agile & Transparent Process
  • Global Clientele
  • Award-Winning Company
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